To Compete or to be Complete … that is the question

To compete or be complete

In the quest for success or fulfillment – are we competing against others to make our mark? Or are we competing with ourselves?  Do you sometimes ask yourself the question “Why do they get the opportunity and not me?” Even though you are on the path to creating your own destiny, you still doubt and want what others have.

You are where you are today because of the choices you made along the way.  And you also got here by sheer determination and a want.  When you thought about doing what you are doing now, didn’t you have a permanent smile on your face, get excited, talk louder than normal and talk about it to everyone and anyone you came across?  Didn’t the people you shared your dreams and goals with encourage you along your path, instill confidence in you by telling you, you can do it?  So why the doubt?  Why question yourself and your abilities? No one said it was going to be an easy ride – no one ever achieved success or their goals by having a smooth ride.

We will go through the downs in our life, we will cross hurdles on the way, we will make mistakes, we will fail, we will lose – the question is, how do we go from there?  Do we just sit back and say “That’s it.  I can’t do this.  It is not working.  It is not happening quick enough.  What was I thinking?” Turn all those negative and doubting thoughts ino positive ones.

There are many things you can do that will make you feel better or lift your mood in the moment (and I know it works for me) – going for a new haircut or hair colour, having a manicure or pedicure, putting some make up on, dressing in something more appealing, colourful.  I also find going to a movie just takes my mind off what was worrying me and I feel so much better afterwards – I can look at the problem and come to a more positive way to handle it and move forward.


Think positively – wow that sounds crazy but you will be amazed at how it can work.  If you find yourself saying “Heck I’m so fat”.  Stop right there.  Reframe.  Say it again and this time think “I’m unhappy with my weight.  What am I doing about it?” This doesn’t mean to say it is going to be sunshine and roses.  Not at all.  You just have to be less hard on yourself.

Positive thinking leads to a positive, more confident disposition.  You know that when you start thinking negatively about yourself, it becomes a habit and then before you know it you are thinking negatively about everything.  You start to gossip, complain, find fault.  Is that really who you want to be?  I don’t think so.

Be grateful – Start being grateful.  The more things you realise you have going for you the more you can then sit back and say “It is not as bad as I thought”.  And sadly, we tend to forget just how good our lives are and how blessed we are with what we have.  I mean seriously, your arms, fingers, legs, toes all work don’t they?  You have clothes on your back, you have food to eat.  There are many people who love you.  You have a future.  And that is just the beginning.  Most people have that – so what else do you have that is unique to you?

Smile – Your mind takes cues from your body.  So start tricking your mind and smile. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin.  If you force a smile, you will literally be happier.  Not just look happier or seem happier but be happier.  Smiling also reduces stress, lowers your blood pressure and ups your immune system.  Smiling also makes you more attractive to others.  Yes it does.  Happier people are generally more confident. Aren’t you drawn to someone who smiles?

Change your environment – Think about the kind of person you are when you are at home, the person you are at work, the person you are at your favourite cafe or restaurant. Are you the same person everywhere?  Probably not and the odds are that there are one or two places you don’t feel comfortable and  confident.  Get up and move.  So the next time you are not feeling so great, think about where you are.  Try it!

Visualise and breathe deeply – This is a more-in-the-moment scenario.  When you are getting ready to speak to your boss or a colleague or you are preparing to give a speech – that is when you need to …

  • Visualise yourself doing awesome and doing it well.  When you expect success, you might just get it.  However when you expect to fail, you will.
  • Take a deep breath.  When we breathe too quickly our heart rates go up and our brains start thinking “fight or flight”.  You are making yourself more nervous.

Self talk – Take a look at yourself in the mirror and persuade yourself that you are you, and that you ARE brilliant.  Convince yourself you don’t have to hide from anything except yourself.  Make fierce and confident poses in the mirror, this will make you think positive. (It will probably make you laugh at yourself too for doing this).  I personally find myself talking to myself and saying “What advice do you give others in this situation – give yourself the same advice!”


Dress for success – If you went to the mall or a shop dressed in your drab bulky casuals, no make up, having a bad hair day – you find you bump into everyone and anyone when you don’t want to and you probably feel self-conscious and awkward.  Am I right? So how about dressing up, put the make up on, get your hair done and I bet you will feel so much better and more confident.  Now I know clothes don’t make a (wo)man but they can make you feel like a million dollars.  It is so much easier to feel good about yourself when you think you look good.  I know it is probably a girl-thing to say, but it works.

Be aware of your posture – 9 times out of 10 you walk into a room full of people and you can pick out the people who are not confident.  They are a little slouched over or they are looking down.   Keep your chin up, throw your shoulders back and walk like you own the place.  Also, if you are preparing to go into that room full of people and there is someone in particular whose attention you want to catch, do exactly that and of course, remember to  smile.  It works!

Work out – I am afraid it is true – when we work out, we do look better.  And when we look better, we feel better.  Working out also releases those happy endorphins, makes us feel more productive, increases our energy levels and puts a pep in our step.  I am not saying go and run the marathon.  Just exercise 30 minutes a day – at a gym or at home – that is all it takes.  And the best thing is even if you don’t feel like, once you have done it – well, what more can I say – you feel great!

Wear colour – There is a reason people wear black when they mourn – it definitely reflects their mood.  Humans associate a lot with colour.  So when you are feeling down, throw on something bright.  Just that little pizzazz could be all the confidence you need.


Do something you are good at – Oh yes you can.  You are good at something – could be baking, public speaking, training.  And you know you are good at it, don’t you?  When we do things we are good at, we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.  This is where your confidence comes from.  So don’t just do it, do it often.  It is a reminder of how awesome you really are.

When we do something good and master that skill, it gives us personality, gives us something to talk about and makes us interesting as also gives us a sense of fulfillment. Did I forget to mention that doing what we are good at is fun?  So what are you waiting for – go out there and do your thing!

Talk to everyone – A part of lacking confidence comes from not understanding people.  So to get around this, start talking to everyone.  Even if it is a remark about the bus or something, just talk to everyone.  You will learn that –

  • Most people are friendly enough.  They are not there to judge you.  In fact, they will probably enjoy talking to you and you to them.
  • Most people don’t like initiating conversation either.  They will open up if you make the first move.  They are just as nervous as you are.  So put yourself out there.
  • People get cliquey.  They generally stick to what they know and don’t like to deviate much.  Boring!!!!!  Don’t do that.  You learn so much from people who are different to you.

Keep on talking to everyone – Absolutely!  The more you talk to people the less scary it gets and the less concerned you will be about what they think of you.  The less you think about how great everyone is, the more you will realise that most people are completely average. If no one else is a big deal, you don’t have to care so much about how you come off.

The more you talk to people, the more you will get to socialise more easily.  Yes it can be intimidating but once you have done this over and over, you will be great at it.

Compliment others – Ever heard that “giving is better than receiving?”  It feels great when someone makes you feel good and it feels even better knowing you helped someone else feel good about themselves.

And don’t forget to accept compliments graciously too.  (Hmmm, that is an area I struggle with believe it or not).  A simple “thank you” is the best way to do this.  Don’t hum and haa or make excuses when someone is nice to you.  That just being modest and not really kind to the other person.  Imagine if they gave you a gift and you turned round and said “No, no I don’t deserve this, take it back”.  Ouch!  Whether you deserve it or not, it is the heart and the thought behind giving that gift that makes all the difference.  And if you are going to give a compliment, make sure it is genuine.  Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

Observe yourself and everyone around you – Here are two reasons why this statement is so true –

  • Observe yourself and others instead of judging – when you stop judging, the negativity stops.  Your mind opens up and you can learn.
  • Observe yourself and others so that you can learn – what makes others seem so confident?  What makes you feel confident or not confident?  What are your trigger patterns?

Find role models – Oh yes, so important.  Having someone inspire you and your confidence, can be a great boost.  Makes sure that the person is real.  Aiming to be a Kim Kardashian is not a good idea.  You want a source of positivity you can tap into when you need it.

Having a good role model or mentor is great, also keep a positive crowd of people around you.  Being around people who just bring you down whether intentionally or not – not a good thing.

Be true to YOU – It is very hard to be confident when you are trying to be someone you are not.  Besides remembering to come off confident, we have to remember who we are trying to be.  That is hard work.  Just be YOU.

So stop trying to compete with someone else or be like them or be at the level they are now.  You are on your own path, you are successful in your own way, you have your own strengths.  Remember that and if you forget, find that someone who can help you refocus and stay on the right track.

DREAM IT – your dream is your dream – run with it

BELIEVE IT – believe in yourself and believe in your dreams and they will definitely happen at the right time

ACHIEVE IT – you can achieve anything you set your mind to – be positive

Well I feel a whole lot better now – how about you?


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