To be or not to be …?

Ever wanted to follow your dream or your passion?  Don’t you wish you could be doing something you want and love instead of sitting in the job you don’t really want to be in?

There are many people out there stuck in a profession or a job which they don’t really want to be in but it is all they have.  They are too scared to make the move, they doubt their capabilities and have no self-confidence to just get out there and do it.

I was in that position.  It took a retrenchment last year in December to get me to do what I have always wanted to do.  And it wasn’t an easy decision either.  I questioned a lot of things – my reasoning, my worth, my ability, am I doing the right thing?

Thankfully I have a great support system, a network of people made up of friends and family and influential people in my life.  These are my “go to”people.  And believe me, they are not all like me.  Some are younger, older, voice of reasoning, voice of encouragement,  straightforward, to the point, no holding back point of views.  All different but needed to make an intelligent decision.  And they have helped me stick to my guns and pursue my dream of working for myself.

No one said it is easy.  A lot of hard work to market yourself, talk about yourself to others, remind others who you are and what you do, encourage people to take a chance on you and just keep plugging away and moving forward, all the time.

And slowly the business starts to take shape and things start to happen.  Yes, I have my down times.  Yes, I have my doubting times.  Yes, I wonder where the next job is coming from.  I am human after all.  And yes, it may take time and some more hard work to make it happen.

I am not sorry for making this decision to change direction in my career.  Less stress (and the stress I do have now is positive), relaxed, no interruptions or office politics to deal with, meetings take place outside in the fresh air and not confined to a 4 x 4 office or meeting room.  I still put in the time I would have at the office – you need to have your mind right to make your business from home successful.

I am pursuing my dream – are you?